Adirondack Habitats:  Heron Marsh (9 September 2014)

New Moon Art Show: Photo "Shoot-out"
6 September through 1 October 2016

Sampling of Images in the 2015 Photo Shoot-out Exhibit

Russ Hartnung: Winner of the Judges Choice Award at the 2015 VIC Photo Shoot-out
Photo by Russ Hartnung: The Island. Nightscape.
Winner of the Judge’s Choice Awards
at the 2015 VIC Photo Shoot-out

Invited local photographers will be challenged to a photo "shoot-out" to be held at the VIC over Labor Day weekend (2- 5 September 2016). The photographers have four days to take photos anywhere within the VIC's 3,000 acres. Each photographer can display three framed photos in the show, which runs from 6 September through 1 October 2016.

The VIC – with a variety of natural settings, including mountains, old growth forest, bogs, streams, marsh, beaver lodges, and Adirondack lean-tos – is a popular destination for both artists and photographers.

Jim Bullard: Pond Grass and Reflections
Jim Bullard: Pond Grass and Reflections

Last year's photographers set a high standard with a series of shots exploring Adirondack nature in spring. The exhibit included landscapes featuring intriguing cloud formations above Heron Marsh, close-ups spotlighting the shadows created by the spring sun, images exploring the changing patterns of moving water, and evocative night photos. Participating photographers included: Barry Lobdell, Eleanor Sweeney, Burdette Parks, Mike Lynch, Jill Wenner, Russ Hartung, Phil Gallos, James Bullard, Jon Chodat, Karla Brieant, and Brendan Wiltse.

This year's photo shoot-out will offer a different array of photogrpahic opportunities, since the VIC landscape will reflect the colors, plants, lighting, and patterns of early autumn. The exhibit will hang from 6 September through 1 October 2016. Free admission.

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The VIC trails are free and open to the public, from dawn to dusk, spring through fall. In winter, the trails are open to cross-country skiers and snowshoers for a fee. Day or season passes may be purchased.