Birds of the Adirondacks:  Cedar Waxwing near the VIC building (31 May 2014)

Birding the Adirondacks:
List of birds seen on the Paul Smiths VIC Trails*

This page is no longer being updated.  For an updated and expanded version of this material, see: Adirondack Birds: Birds of the Paul Smith's College VIC

Trail Key
Barnum Brook Trail BB
Heron Marsh Trail HM
Boreal Life Trail BL
Woods and Waters Trail WW
Logger's Loop Trail LL
Black Pond Trail BP
Jenkins Mountain Trail JM
Bobcat Trail B
Long Pond Trail LP
Silvi Trail S
Skidder Trail Sk
Esker Trail E
Fox Run Trail FR
Easy Street Trail ES

Alder Flycatcher x x              
American Bittern x x x                
American Black Duck x x x x                
American Crow x x                
American Goldfinch x                  
American Kestrel     x                      
American Redstart                            
American Robin x x x x              
Barn Swallow                            
Barred Owl     x                      
Belted Kingfisher x x x              
Black-and-white Warbler         x                  
Black-backed Woodpecker x              
Blackburnian Warbler x x x x x              
Black-capped Chickadee x x x x x              
Blackpoll Warbler     x                  
Black-throated Blue Warbler x x x x              
Black-throated Green Warbler x x x x x              
Blue Jay x x x x x              
Blue-headed Vireo x x              
Boreal Chickadee x              
Broad-winged Hawk x x x x              
Brown Creeper x x x x              
Canada Goose x                          
Cedar Waxwing x x x x x              
Chestnut-sided Warbler x              
Chimney Swift x              
Chipping Sparrow x                          
Common Grackle     x                      
Common Loon x x x x x   x          
Common Merganser   x   x   x                
Common Raven x                          
Common Yellowthroat x x x x              
Dark-eyed Junco     x                      
Downy Woodpecker x              
Eastern Bluebird x                          
Eastern Phoebe   x   x                    
Golden-crowned Kinglet x x x x x              
Gray Jay x              
Great Blue Heron x x x              
Hairy Woodpecker x x              
Hermit Thrush x x x x x              
Lincoln's Sparrow x              
Magnolia Warbler x x x x x              
Mallard x x x              
Merlin x                          
Mourning Dove x              
Mourning Warbler x              
Nashville Warbler x x x x x              
Northern Flicker x              
Northern Harrier x                          
Northern Parula x x x x x              
Olive-sided Flycatcher x              
Osprey x              
Ovenbird x x x x x              
Palm Warbler x x              
Pileated Woodpecker         x                  
Pine Siskin                            
Pine Warbler   x   x                    
Purple Finch x x x              
Red-Breasted Nuthatch x x x x x              
Red-eyed Vireo x x x x x              
Red-shouldered Hawk     x                      
Red-winged Blackbird x x x              
Ring-necked Duck x x x              
Ruby-crowned Kinglet x x x x   x                
Ruby-throated Hummingbird x x x              
Ruffed Grouse x x x              
Savannah Sparrow x              
Scarlet Tanager x x              
Sharp-shinned Hawk x              
Song Sparrow   x x x              
Spotted Sandpiper     x                      
Swainson's Thrush x                          
Swamp Sparrow x x x x              
Tree Swallow x x x x              
Turkey Vulture x              
White-throated Sparrow x x x x x              
White-winged Crossbill x x              
Wild Turkey x              
Winter Wren x x x x x              
Wood Duck x x x              
Yellow-bellied Flycatcher     x                      
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker x x x              
Yellow-rumped Warbler x x x              


*Partial list of birds observed in spring and summer on selected trails.

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